Driver/drone pilot extraordinare that does not quite grasp the concept of simple melee weapons


About 6 feet tall 230 lbs of old timey vaudevillian muscle. Casually wears a black t-shirt accompanied by an overall jumpsuit from his vehicle mod service, likely with the top portion removed and tied around the waist. He is shaved bald and has been known to wear sunglasses at night. Rarely but occasionally, a fan that remembers his Combat Biker career will approach him for an autograph, which he will gladly give. His lackadaisical speaking style can give the illusion of unintellegence, but he is a master at the skills he possess, namely piloting vehicles and the technology surrounding rigging. He is also very loyal to those that he considers family, as seen by his refusal to throw a Cyber Biker match due to not wanting to sabotage his teamates.


KERS had an early hearlded career as a Linebiker for the Combat Biker team Tacoma Timberwolves, living the lap of luxury he owned cars, bikes, boats & planes. During the 2063 Bike Bowl, the Timberwolves were up against the DeeCee Shuriken. The Timberwolves were the odds on favorite in this matchup, but the Shuriken corporate owner, Shiawase Atomics had other ideas. They offered KERS a seat on their board of director if he threw the game. KERS refused. Halfway through the game, KERS' bike exploded, sheering off his right foot. While recovering in the hospital, a letter was delivered, stating that if he were to ever set foot in a Combat Biker arena again, worse would happen.

Now forced out of the sport he loved, and without a major source of income, KERS sold off much of his belongings in order to buy a small hangar at the north end of Boeing Field in Seattle. From this hangar, KERS did modification work to bikes & cars in order to live, and to be able to keep his beloved Cessna, which was parked next to his small stuido apartment in the hangar. The one boat he kept is moored on the shores of Lake Washington at the house of Letty Rodriguez, a former teammate on the Timberwolves.

Now, almost 10 years later, KERS joined his current group of shadowrunners when he heard through the grapevine that a squad was in need of a getaway driver. Wanting to feel a rush of addreneline he hadn't felt since his Combat Biking days, he took the job. At first, he loved the work as it was. But he soon realized this group was more combat oriented than he would have like, utilizing too much brute force. As such, KERS has been learning hacking, in hopes that it will increase the complexity of scores the gang can take. Of course this is all in hopes that he can convince the group to take down Shiawase Atomics, the corporation that ruined his life.

Oh yeah, he has two pistols that have the personalities of Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa.


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